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Parliamentary elections 2023

I am a candidate in the parliamentary elections from Jyväskylä, Central Finland. I am a 20-year-old restaurant worker. I got involved in politics to bring forward the voice of the youth, and equality is one of the most important values to me. I want to be help build a society where everyone has the same opportunities to succeed in life. Everyone should have the right to live a good and safe life and I am ready to work towards these goals.


Equal society

Education and learning create a solid base for overall wellbeing. Finland needs professionals from all fields of work and education must be accessible and free for everyone. Lifelong learning must be supported so people can improve and update their skills throughout their whole life. Additionally, students’ financial support needs renewal for example by raising the amount of study grant.

Human rights and dignity belong for everyone, and they are not up for debate! Attitudes and norms in our society shouldn’t limit or exclude anyone or put people in unequal situations. Economical and social equality improves the feeling of safety and stability of our society.

Dignified old age

The climate crisis needs to be stopped in a fair way that the costs of actions taken against it don’t burden people with low income. Our society must be sustainable ecologically, socially, and economically. The environment and climate need to be considered in all political decision making. By 2035 Finland needs to be carbon neutral.

Every elderly person has the right to live a dignified and happy life. Loneliness of the elderly is a huge issue in our country and actions need to be taken to reduce it. Everyone deserves the care and support that they need. The elderly are not society’s burden but an asset with a lot of potential.

Sustainable society

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